PIZZA MIA Online Ordering

Another innovation from PIZZA MIA. Becomes the first local pizzeria in Cyprus that gives the option to its customers to order food online. Visit our page browse, be informed about our products and offers and place your order nice and easy.

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Working Hours:

Daily & Sunday 12:00-23:00

Friday & Saturday 12:00-23:30

Featured products

GOLIATH PIZZA 50cm - 16 pieces

PIZZA MIA Goliath - 50 cm for 6 persons with: Cheese, Mushrooms, Ham, Bacon and peppers.
From €19.95

Special Offer €9.90 33cm - 8 pieces

Ρizza Sauce and Pizza Cheese Choose another 3 toppings
From €9.90

Special Offer for 5 persons

THE OFFER INCLUDES: 8pcs plain garlic bread 1 Regular spaggeti bolognaise 1 Giant pizza 45cm with cheese, ham, mushrooms, bacon only €19.95
From €19.95